Nevada Dem Gov Candidate Steve Sisolak Supports Single-Payer, But Won’t Explain How He’d Pay For It

With Nevada Democrat gubernatorial candidate Steve Sisolak openly supporting the imposition of a single-payer healthcare system in Nevada, voters deserve answers for how he would intend to pay for the massive costs of such a program. New video from a campaign event earlier this year shows Sisolak claiming “at some point we have to get into a single-payer system,” making it clear that he wants to impose such a scheme in Nevada:

But Sisolak doesn’t appear to have done his homework on how much this plan would cost the people of his state. A newly released nonpartisan study of such a single-payer proposal from a Maryland Democrat gubernatorial candidate concluded that his program would cost his state “$24 billion a year, forcing lawmakers to significantly raise taxes.” To pay for the scheme, which would increase the state’s budget by more than half, Maryland would have to “levy a 10 percent payroll tax against every business and charge a $2,800 fee for every man, woman and child.”

With clear unbiased analysis showing just how damaging a single-payer system could be to the lives of working families, Sisolak owes Nevadans a clear answer on how he would intend to pay for his radical single-payer scheme.