Morning Consult Poll: 10 Most Popular Governors In America Are All Republicans

Across the nation, Republican governors continue to demonstrate why they are America’s doers. GOP chief executives are implementing innovative ideas, foster pro-jobs policies, expanding opportunity and achieving meaningful reform. And according to a new poll out today from Morning Consult, voters have taken notice and are rewarding those results with strong job approval ratings.

As the poll shows, the 10 most popular governors in America are all Republican. After demonstrating commanding leadership in Massachusetts, Governor Charlie Baker is ranked as the most popular governor in the nation with a high 71% approval rating, followed by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, who holds a 68% approval rating in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans by a 2-1 margin. In Vermont – the home state of Bernie Sanders – Governor Phil Scott holds a 62% approval rating, and in New Hampshire, Governor Chris Sununu has the state back on the right track, and voters have rewarded him in kind with a 57% approval rating. These governors continue to prove that Republicans can not only win in solid blue states, but govern successfully and get results for their citizens.

In North Dakota, Governor Doug Burgum’s efforts to make government more efficient has translated into a 66% approval rating. In Alabama, Governor Kay Ivey’s focus on reform has led to her receiving a 64% approval rating. In Arkansas, Governor Asa Hutchinson has led his state to a record low unemployment rate and voters have rewarded his efforts with a 60% approval rating. In Texas, Governor Greg Abbott – who just announced his campaign for re-election – holds a 60% approval rating, and in Nebraska, Governor Pete Rickett’s determination to make his state more accountable to taxpayers has led to a 59% approval rating.

Republican governors are transforming their states for the better, driving economic growth, reinventing state government and getting results – and as these new poll numbers show – voters are eager to reward their success.