Michigan Democrats In Disarray, Hurting Party’s Chances In 2018 Governor’s Race

Following top-tier recruit Democrat Rep. Dan Kildee’s refusal to run for governor, Michigan Democrats are in a state of disarray, with little confidence in their party front-runner Gretchen Whitmer. The increasing corruption in the Michigan Democratic Party under the leadership of Whitmer as the likely nominee, has been raising eyebrows in the Great Lakes State.

An op-ed in the Detroit News details the turmoil:

“The Michigan Democratic Party is being consumed by an appalling and rapidly expanding culture of sexual violence, violence against women, and corruption that have found Chairman Brandon Dillon and the party’s leading gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer paralyzed by inaction.

Whitmer and Dillon have refused to stand up for a single victim, to demand a single resignation, or to address the festering culture of corruption and sexual violence that have become the calling card of the party on their watch. Their refusal to clean house has created a public safety problem for the rest of the state, and enough is enough. If Whitmer and Dillon won’t fix these problems, Democrats must find leaders who will — and do it urgently.

If the party’s chairman and top-of-the-ticket standard bearer are unwilling or unable to demand accountability from men who abuse women, prey sexually on their subordinates, rob their constituents, or disparage women, minorities, and the disabled, then it’s time for Democratic voters to find men and women who will.”