Matt Brown Slams Rhode Island Dem Gov Gina Raimondo: “She’s Never Had Strong Support From Voters”

Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo’s increasingly difficult path to re-election continues to face growing issues as she struggles to unify her own party in Rhode Island. Former Secretary of State Matt Brown, who is challenging Raimondo from the left for the Democrat nomination, is now openly attacking her, stating that “she’s never had strong support from the voters” and slamming her ties to deep-pocketed donors.

Brown’s attack on Raimondo comes as she faces serious unity challenges within her own party from Big Labor, after union leaders have publicly discussed supporting a bid to unseat her in recent months. Raimondo’s issues with the base of her party will only add to her troubles with multiple polls showing her approval rating below 40 percent.

Plagued by scandals, weak job numbers, and an alarming lack of transparency, Raimondo’s difficult path to victory will only grow more challenging as Brown highlights her weaknesses.