In New Poll, Rhode Island Dem Gov Gina Raimondo’s Approval Rating Plummets To An All-Time Low

With barely one year to go until Election Day 2018, a new poll shows Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo’s approval rating plummeting to an all-time low. The newest Morning Consult survey shows Raimondo’s approval rating continuing to drop from the last poll in July with just 41% of Rhode Islanders approving of her performance while 47%, almost half, disapprove. Raimondo’s poor numbers make her the least popular incumbent Democrat governor running for re-election nationwide in 2018.

Raimondo’s low approval ratings are no surprise given her state’s poor economic performance, a growing scandal with the state’s child welfare agency under her watch, and the embarrassing attacks she made on the media that have weakened her credibility. Raimondo’s failed leadership has been on full display and Rhode Islanders are taking notice of her lack of results.

With a growing field of strong Republican candidates stepping up to challenge her and even talk of a potential primary fight between Raimondo and her Democrat predecessor, Governor Lincoln Chafee, Democrats have plenty of reason for concern in Rhode Island for their increasingly unpopular governor.