Malloy Enabler Ned Lamont Is Bought and Paid For By Big Labor Union Bosses

While Connecticut Democrat gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont desperately tries to con voters into believing he wouldn’t push Failed Governor Dan Malloy’s agenda if elected, he would only lead the state further down the same road. Like Malloy, Lamont has made it clear that he remains bought and paid for by Big Labor Union Bosses.

The CT Mirror reports that Lamont “has spent months trying to distance himself from the unpopular Democratic governor” but his policies would only put himself in “the same dilemma” as Malloy with his party’s union supporters by offering the same failed policies to address the state’s lingering issues with Big Labor. Since Malloy took office, union concessions have proven to be a huge drain on the state’s budget, contributing to systemic fiscal issues for years.

As Lamont tries to escape the long shadow of America’s most unpopular governor, he can’t avoid the fact that if elected, he would only offer more of the same. No matter how hard Lamont tries to con voters into thinking otherwise, Connecticut voters know he’s just another Malloy Enabler.