Indiana Democrats Descend Into Chaos Over Gov Race Disaster

After failing to recruit a top-tier challenger to enter the governor’s race, and then failing to get any of their B-list candidates onto the ballot, it seemed like things couldn’t get much worse for Indiana Democrats.

But more humiliation was in store for Hoosier Democrats when it became apparent that the little-known and underfunded candidate they’d managed to get on the ballot, Dr. Woody Myers, hadn’t bothered to pick a running mate.

In a chaotic, late-night announcement on Tuesday, the Indiana Democratic State Central Committee extended the deadline for Myers to find a Lt. Governor candidate, while unleashing a profanity-laden tirade at Myers’ flailing campaign, that, according to reports was entered into the official meeting minutes.

The kicker? As of early Wednesday morning, Myers’ rumored choice for a running mate was already getting blowback from the central committee.

Why can’t Indiana Democrats get their act together? Because they know Governor Eric Holcomb is running on a strong record and has provided incredible leadership throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

A former Indiana Democratic Party Chair put it best in a recent National Journal report:

“I would say Eric Holcomb is not vulnerable at all,” a former state Democratic Party chair told National Journal. “And I would say that—and this is in no disrespect to Woody Myers— stronger Democratic candidates would have run if Eric Holcomb was vulnerable to begin with.”