Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb Earns Historic Endorsements In Reelection Bid

Governor Eric Holcomb is rolling into the spring with historic momentum behind his reelection campaign. From a booming economy to innovative workforce development initiatives and historic infrastructure investments, the governor’s strong record of delivering for Hoosiers is garnering unprecedented support.

Some of the Hoosier State’s most influential organizations are lining up to back Governor Holcomb for a second term – even those who have never or rarely endorsed in a gubernatorial race. His latest endorsements represent hundreds of thousands of job creators and small business owners, as well as Indiana workers and law enforcement officers.

First Governor In State History To Be Endorsed By Indiana Builders Association (IBA):

  • Brett Harter, President, IBA: “It is critical that the home building industry support candidates for public office that understand the important role housing plays in Indiana’s overall economy. Governor Holcomb’s success in bringing jobs to our state and making Indiana a desired place to work and live during his tenure has earned the support and respect of our leadership across the state. It is our honor to endorse his re-election as Indiana’s Governor.”

Second Governor In State History To Be Endorsed By The Indiana Chamber Of Commerce:

  • Kevin Brinegar, President & CEO, Indiana Chamber Of Commerce: “We only make endorsements in statewide races in special circumstances. Governor Holcomb’s Next Level agenda has undeniably propelled the state forward in many meaningful ways. His leadership, drive and desire to bring people together to listen and learn have all been extraordinary.”

Second Consecutive Endorsement From The National Federation Of Independent Business (NFIB):

  • Barbara Quandt, State Director, NFIB Indiana: “The governor has supported Indiana small business owners in a way few have done. He has been involved in countless initiatives that have been good for small business and good for Indiana. He works hard to see that the small businesses which make up the foundation of this great state have the economic environment they need to grow and prosper. NFIB is proud to endorse Indiana’s great governor, Eric Holcomb.”

Endorsed By The Indiana State Police Alliance:

  • Cory Martin, Executive Director, Indiana State Police Alliance: “It is very apparent that through countless interactions, Governor Holcomb not only supports our members but truly cares about them as one Hoosier to another. He truly does Put People First.”

With this groundswell of support at an early stage in the race, Governor Holcomb is well-positioned to keep moving Indiana forward for four more years.