Idaho Governor Brad Little Breaks Out The Scissors & Cuts More Red Tape To Expand Healthcare Access

Idaho Governor Brad Little is back at it – cutting even more red tape and easing the regulatory burden on businesses and citizens across the Gem State.

This week, the governor took sweeping action to eliminate barriers between Idahoans and vital healthcare services by signing an Executive Order permanently waiving more than 150 regulations on healthcare access and telehealth.

Governor Little initially loosened many of these restrictions in March to allow for healthcare providers and Idahoans to more easily use telehealth services during the COVID-19 pandemic, with remarkable results. Telehealth sessions increased exponentially in the state, increasing to 117,000 sessions in March-May of 2020, compared to 3,000 sessions in March-May of 2019. The governor’s new order makes this expanded access permanent for healthcare providers and patients.

The governor’s bold actions build upon his well-deserved reputation as a champion for effective and efficient government. In his first year in office, Governor Little made Idaho the least-regulated state in the country by cutting or simplifying 75% of the state’s regulatory rules and reduced the size of state government by consolidating 11 different state agencies.