Governor Brad Little’s Idaho Leads The Nation In Cutting Red Tape

Since taking office in January, Idaho Governor Brad Little has worked overtime to deliver on his campaign promise to cut red tape and reduce the regulatory burden for businesses and citizens in the Gem State.

Building upon the historic executive orders he issued earlier this year, the Red Tape Reduction Act and Licensing Freedom Act of 2019, Governor Little announced today that Idaho is officially the least-regulated state in the country. In just one year, 75 percent of regulatory rules in Idaho have been cut or simplified, resulting in the elimination of over 1,800 pages of administrative code.

Idaho’s regulatory transformation is being touted by federal officials as a national model for states seeking to achieve meaningful reforms to make government more efficient and less burdensome on taxpayers and businesses. As Governor Little noted, these actions have made state government “easier for citizens and businesses to navigate,” and are creating a business climate where “good-paying jobs follow.”