Gwen Graham’s Struggling Campaign Continues To Underwhelm Florida Democrats

The Florida Democrat political establishment has long promoted Gwen Graham as the inevitable front-runner in their gubernatorial primary.

But, as Graham has failed to attract base enthusiasm, “raise real money,” and deflect devastating attacks from her rivals for flip-flopping on key issues, “cracks” in her “facade” are showing.

While Graham’s “boring” campaign stagnates, Andrew Gillum “is winning the competition for earned media,” and Philip Levine is using his personal wealth to dominate television advertising. Meanwhile, other candidates like Chris King recognize the “huge vacuum” in the race and remain a real threat.

Florida’s Democrat political insiders thought they could push another typical politician like Gwen Graham through their primary, but Democrat voters want a candidate who is more “in sync” with their values. As this establishment vs. base conflict grows, Democrats will continue to become more divided, diminishing their chances of winning in the Fall.

Florida Politics Reports:

“Why isn’t her campaign doing better?

Why is she struggling to raise real money?

Why do so many Democrats say that she is ‘boring’ on the campaign trail?

Why do I have this bad feeling in my stomach about where Graham’s campaign will end?

Graham is in a difficult position right now as the politics of Parkland reshape the Democratic primary and the gubernatorial race. On her left, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, who is winning the competition for earned media. He’s on MSNBC. He’s being written up in the Washington Post. Kevin Cate, one of his media advisers, can show you stats about clicks and likes and retweets that indicate Gillum is the candidate most in sync with Democratic primary voters.

On Graham’s other flank is former Miami Beach Mayor Phil Levine. Where Gillum’s campaign is being infused with the oxygen of earned media, Levine’s effort is being propelled by a seemingly unending number of personal checks to pay for a stream of television ads.

Also in the mix is Orlando businessman Chris King, who has yet to register with most voters, but whose presence in the race is just another indication that the primary is a wide-open affair.

Instead, there are now two more cracks in Gwen Graham’s facade.

It’s becoming hard to look at.”