Florida Dem Activists Continue To Bypass Gwen Graham and Phillip Levine for Andrew Gillum

Florida Democrats seem eager to nominate just about anyone else other than Gwen Graham and Philip Levine.

Democrat gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum remains under investigation following repeated accusations of wrongdoing and corruption. But despite the “dark cloud” surrounding his campaign, Gillum continues to draw “sizable crowds of activists,” while his opponents, Gwen Graham and Philip Levine, “struggle mustering decent crowds.”

According to recent polling, Gillum remains highly competitive for the nomination.

The lack of enthusiasm for Graham and Levine are likely the result of their failure to craft a compelling message amid repeated episodes of hypocrisy and negative attacks on each other as entitled and “tone-deaf.”

Unfortunately for Florida Democrats, the “cloud” of corruption appears to be their only alternative.

Tampa Bay Times Reports:

“Democratic organizers throughout Tampa Bay say it can be a struggle mustering decent crowds when former congresswoman Gwen Graham of Tallahassee, businessman Chris King of Winter Park or former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine campaign here. Not so with Gillum, a charismatic speaker and proud liberal aggressively courting the Bernie Sanders wing of his party.

Fairly or unfairly, this investigation could loom over Gillum well past election day. He has not helped himself by refusing to discuss almost anything about the matter.

The Democrat reported in August that an undercover FBI agent may have invited Gillum to attend Hamilton on Broadway and a Mets game. Gillum last week would not even say whether he attended either.

‘All I can confirm is I never did anything that I didn’t pay for,’ he said, explaining that the FBI did not want him to discuss the case. ‘All I would ask people do is follow the facts. I have not been mentioned in any one of the subpoenas so far that have been issued, not the public, not the private, not anybody who works for me.’

Not a terrific campaign slogan: I have not been mentioned so far in any subpoena.

He acknowledged the FBI may have suspected him of wrongdoing.”