GOP Governors Are Empowering Small Businesses Across America

As America observes National Small Business Week, Republican governors are making it a priority to empower entrepreneurs and job creators through pro-growth policies that cut red tape, reduce taxes, and support small businesses.

This year alone, GOP governors have taken clear steps to support America’s small business job creators and entrepreneurs, including:

  • Governor Asa Hutchinson, who championed tax reform in Arkansas to cut taxes and help small businesses grow;
  • Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky who signed a $100 million tax cut for Kentucky into law;
  • Governor Doug Ducey, whose leadership in enacting occupational licensing reforms to grow jobs in Arizona has received national praise;
  • Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia, who issued an executive order to create a new commission to streamline government and cut red tape;
  • Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb, who is empowering his state’s workforce to gain vital new skills through his Next Level Jobs initiative;
  • Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee repealed the “gym tax” on fitness facilities, which disproportionately impacted small businesses;
  • Governor Brad Little issued an executive order, called the Red Tape Reduction Act, to simplify and scale back Idaho’s administrative rules and to require all state agencies to identify two regulations for repeal for every one they propose;
  • Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida hosted the state’s first-ever deregathon event to lessen the regulatory burden on small business owners by calling on 23 professional boards to identifying and eliminate unnecessary regulations that hurt small businesses and licensed trade workers; and
  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott hosted the Governor’s Small Business Conference for existing small businesses and start-ups to discuss how to start, operate, grow, and sustain their businesses and learn about resources and opportunities available from local, regional, state, and federal agencies.

“All across the country, Republican governors are enacting innovative policies that empower entrepreneurs and let small businesses do what they do best: create jobs,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “GOP governors know that small business job creators are the engines that drive economic prosperity, and that working to foster a robust business climate is the best way to expand opportunities for all Americans.”