GOP Governor Doug Ducey’s Landmark Licensing Reforms Receive National Acclaim

GOP Governor Doug Ducey is committed to making bold reforms to improve life for working families across Arizona.

A new editorial by The Wall Street Journal praises Governor Ducey for making Arizona the first state to recognize out-of-state occupational licenses while also signing legislation to reduce burdensome regulations across key industries. The Journal emphasizes how reforms like these are expanding possibilities for workers, writing “[w]ith opportunities like these opening up, it’s no wonder Arizona is growing fast.”

With Governor Ducey working to promote bold conservative legislation to cut red tape and spur economic growth, Arizona remains firmly on the right track under his leadership.

The Wall Street Journal writes:

“Arizona’s state motto is ‘Ditat Deus’—“God enriches”—but residents might want to thank Gov. Doug Ducey and lawmakers, too. This month they adopted three new licensing reforms that will make it easier to earn a decent living…

The new legislation applies to more than 40 professions, from cosmetologists and court reporters to psychologists and surgeons. Newcomers often had to pay hundreds of dollars and spend thousands of hours in training before they could practice their occupation in Arizona—even if they had done the same job safely for years elsewhere.

They’ll now receive an Arizona license as long as they’ve held a comparable one in another state for at least a year…

Since 2017 Arizona has also passed laws waiving occupational licensing fees for its poorest residents and allowing more workers to obtain a license despite a criminal history, provided there’s little risk to public safety. With opportunities like these opening up, it’s no wonder Arizona is growing fast.”