Does Gina Raimondo Really Think Voters Choosing Their Own Governors Is Bad For Democracy?

In a recent appearance at Yale University, Rhode Island Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo was caught on tape making a very strange statement about the party makeup of the country’s governorships. While speaking about the current imbalance of governorships, Raimondo commented that the GOP’s dominance is “not good for our democracy.”

Apparently, Governor Raimondo seems to believe that voters electing their state’s governors – in democratic fashion – is a threat to democracy. Raimondo also seems to be ignoring that her own state has a Democrat governor, a Democrat lieutenant governor, two Democrat senators, two Democrat congressmen, a Democrat attorney general, and large Democrat majorities in both houses of its state legislature. But for some reason, Raimondo sees her party’s dominance as no such threat to Rhode Island’s democracy.

While Raimondo has made it her practice at speaking engagements to lob bizarre attacks, including ones she made recently toward the state of Connecticut and Rhode Island media outlets, these alarming comments show Raimondo is willing to attack voters just because she doesn’t agree with their decisions at the ballot box.

GINA RAIMONDO: “…Right now there are only 16 Democrat governors in America, 34 Republicans. That’s an imbalance that is not good for our democracy.”