Florida Dem Gov Candidate Philip Levine Caught Making Bizarre Statements – Again

Florida Democrat gubernatorial candidate Philip Levine continues to show that he lacks the temperament to lead the state.

In a recent interview, Levine compared Florida to the Soviet Union “under central planning with Khrushchev.” Ironically, only the day prior, Republican Governor Rick Scott announced Florida businesses created another 30,000 jobs in December, bringing unemployment to a 10-year low.

To make matters worse, Levine failed to provide basic details about his plans or display even an elementary understanding on a series of issues, including the minimum wage, higher education, Medicaid expansion, the Department of Community Affairs, no-fault insurance, and Florida’s lawsuit against Georgia for access to river water. Once again showing his far-left big government views, Levine couldn’t name one government program he would support cutting when pressed.

Levine’s cringe-worthy performance is just another incident in a long career of embarrassing public gaffes and strange behavior. Only last week, The Miami Herald reported that Miami Beach may have to tear down and rebuild its seawall because of Levine’s erratic demands and willingness to cut corners. Most famously, in 2016, Levine went on television to emphatically deny reports that the Zika outbreak had reached Miami Beach only hours before Gov. Rick Scott confirmed five cases in the city.

Floridians deserve better than someone with his “bizarre” temperament.