Editorial: Oregon Dem Gov Kate Brown Again Worked To “Delay And Conceal” Public Access To Records

For the second time in as many weeks, Oregon Democrat Governor Kate Brown has come under fire from the press for her efforts to conceal public access to records.

The Bulletin editorial board is blasting Brown in a new op-ed over her administration’s efforts to “conceal and delay” releasing information about the state’s foster care system. Brown had previously come under fire for ignoring Oregon’s foster care crisis after an audit revealed “how Oregon officials repeatedly abandoned attempts to reform foster care.” The Bulletin writes that internal emails reveal Brown’s staff trying to “hold off releasing” information to the public. They go on to conclude that Kate Brown’s “talk of transparency” is a “charade.”

Just weeks ago, Brown also “directed her staff to consider tightening up Oregon’s public records law to limit disclosure of information about state workers.”

Kate Brown’s efforts to conceal information from the public has become more than just a broken campaign pledge – it’s clearly a systemic pattern that demonstrates her disdain for the public’s right to know about and criticize government action.

Oregon deserves a governor who will be transparent and honest with the public, and that’s why it’s time to oust Kate Brown and elect Knute Buehler.