Oregon Dem Gov Kate Brown Betrays Transparency Promises….Again

Despite promising to make transparency a priority, Oregon Democrat Governor Kate Brown has once again completely betrayed her pledge, and is now signaling that she will curtail public records access.

The Malheur Enterprise is reporting that “Gov. Kate Brown has directed her staff to consider tightening up Oregon’s public records law to limit disclosure of information about state workers and members of the public.” Brown’s new effort to limit disclosure could stifle research into “wage disparities by age, race and gender as well as backgrounding state leaders or studying the health of the state’s public retirement system.”

It’s no surprise Kate Brown would try to limit public information about her administration’s employment practices and the pension system. Brown’s administration has already been accused of fostering “toxic working conditions” for some employees, with pregnant women and mothers allegedly being denied promotions. Brown’s also refused to address the pension crisis, and has been called “a leader in Oregon’s PERS cover-up.”

Oregonians deserve better than a governor who continually refuses to allow her administration to be subject to public scrutiny. It’s time to oust Kate Brown and elect Knute Buehler, who has made it a priority to investigate mismanagement in state government.