EDITORIAL: Colorado Springs Gazette Slams Democrat Jared Polis For Opposing Colorado Jobs and Wages

Colorado Democrat gubernatorial nominee Jared Polis is taking serious heat for putting his radical left-wing agenda before the well-being of our troops and Colorado’s economy.

A recent Colorado Gazette editorial calls out Polis for joining a minority of extreme Democrats in voting against a pay raise for military personnel.  On top of his anti-military stance, Polis voted against “infusing more than $130 million into military bases in metro Colorado Springs.”

Polis is determined to pass California-style big government spending programs that would bankrupt the state, but he can’t find the money to pay the men and women who defend our freedom. Colorado deserves better.

Colorado Gazette editorial:

“Our military personnel work too hard for too little, and Rep. Jared Polis voted to keep it that way Thursday. The Democratic nominee for Colorado governor, Polis voted against a 2.6 percent pay raise for troops. Despite his no vote, 139 other Democrats voted for the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act. They helped pass it by a whopping 359-54.

In voting against the pro-military act, Polis counters infusing more than $130 million into military bases in metro Colorado Springs. He apparently opposes $77 million for a vehicle maintenance shop at Fort Carson, and $24 million for training and equipment buildings for the 10th Special Forces Group. Without those buildings, Colorado could lose its 4,400-soldier 2nd Brigade Combat Team. By opposing the defense bill, Polis goes against the interests of tens of thousands of Colorado-based troops and more than 6,000 civilians who work alongside them.

We appreciate the congressman’s views on fiscal restraint, but wish they weren’t so selective. While voting down military spending, he advocates universal health care, applauds Obamacare and wants Medicare for all. He wants government to fund free, full-day kindergarten for all.

Most Coloradans don’t have the luxury to pass up good jobs, more income and better economic security for their kids. They cannot afford a new governor with a dramatically different view of how the world works for those who struggle to make ends meet.”