Despite Millions In Ad Buys, Philip Levine Drops To Third Place In FL Dem Gov Primary Behind Surging Andrew Gillum

Turns out money can’t buy you love.

Florida Democrat gubernatorial candidate Philip Levine has sunk over $6 million largely of his own money into television ad buys.

But, despite this massive spending spree, voters just aren’t buying Levine’s empty message and bizarre temperament. According to a new poll, Levine has dropped into third place, even falling behind Andrew Gillum whose campaign is surrounded by a “cloud” of corruption. Amazingly, Levine only beats obscure businessman Chris King by one point and former U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Greene, who’s not even running, by three points.

Although Levine will likely remain competitive because of his dominance of the airwaves, his failure to surpass cash-strapped candidates will only ensure the Democrat primary grows more chaotic and divided.

Sunshine State News Reports:

“Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum follows with 10 percent while former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine takes 8 percent. Businessman Chris King gets 7 percent while Jeff Greene, a businessman who ran for the U.S. Senate in 2010 but who is not an active gubernatorial candidates, gets 5 percent. Other candidates get 3 percent.”