Democrat Mark Begich’s Liberal Agenda Has Already Failed Alaska

Alaska Democrat gubernatorial nominee Mark Begich continues to embrace the failed liberal policies of the past four years.

At a time when Alaskans are demanding change, Begich offers the same liberal failures on economic stagnation, higher taxes, massive deficits, and rising crime:

Higher Taxes: Begich has consistently supported tax hikes throughout his political career that would crush jobs, including energy taxes. Now, Begich is once again threatening to impose massive tax hikes on working families, recently offering support for pushing a “combination” of “an income tax” and “sales tax” on “everyone” in Alaska.

Massive Deficits: Begich left Anchorage with a huge budget deficit during his tenure as Mayor. In the U.S. Senate, Begich voted in favor of massive deficits and increases in government spending.

Rising Crime: When Begich was Mayor of Anchorage, crime rose dramatically. Appallingly, violent crime alone increased over 50% during his tenure.

Alaskans can’t afford another four years of the same failed liberal agenda that has made the state worse off. Alaskans are in urgent need of a fresh start and that begins this November.