Democrat Mark Begich Threatens To Impose Tax Hikes On Alaska’s Working Families

In the Alaska governor’s race, Democrats Mark Begich and Bill Walker appear to be trying to one-up each other on who can be the biggest tax hiker.

Despite pledging to voters in 2014 not to support “a statewide tax,” Alaska governor Bill Walker has long been pushing a massive income tax hike on working families.

Now, in a new video, Alaska Democrat gubernatorial nominee Mark Begich is opening the door to going even further, raising the prospect of imposing a “combination” of “an income tax” and “sales tax” on “everyone” in Alaska.

After years of failed Democrat policies under Bill Walker, Alaska’s working families can’t afford to pay for Mark Begich’s tax hikes.

Watch here:


BEGICH: “So we’re going to have to do have something. Will it be an income tax, sales tax, seasonal? Will it be a combination? Whatever it is, everyone has to participate. I mean industries and individuals.”