Dem Gov John Bel Edwards Receives An “F” For Fiscal Responsibility In Louisiana

Already taking heat for his anti-business agenda and failed leadership on the economy, Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards is now facing criticism for his inability to manage Louisiana’s finances and for his embrace of crushing tax hikes on working families.

In their 2018 report card of all governors on fiscal responsibility, The CATO Institute gave Edwards an “F” grade, writing that he “spent much of his two and a half years in office pushing for higher taxes,” that he “embraced a slew of tax increases” and that he “signed into law higher taxes on alcohol, cigarettes, health care providers, vehicle rentals, business inventories, and other items, in addition to increasing corporate franchise taxes and broadening the sales tax base.”

This comes as Edwards faces growing criticism for making Louisiana’s economy “one of the worst” in the nation, ranked last among all states for where to find a job and among the bottom ten for business climate as his changes to Louisiana’s Industrial Tax Exemption Program have been panned by business leaders. John Bel Edwards continues to lead Louisiana further into decline, he does not deserve a second term as governor.