Dan Malloy Proposes Even More Tax and Fee Hikes As Connecticut Dem Gov Candidates Double Down On His Agenda

Despite years of credit downgrades, high-profile business departures, job losses and fiscal crises caused by his tax-and-spend agenda, Failed Governor Dan Malloy thinks that even more tax and fee hikes are what the people of Connecticut need, and his Democrat Enablers running to succeed him agree. Yesterday, Malloy proposed increasing the state’s gas tax and imposing statewide electronic tolling, both of which would further burden already over-taxed Connecticut families.

But will the Malloy Enablers running to succeed their Failed Governor support or oppose his new plan? In recent weeks, numerous Democrat candidates have signaled their support for similar fee hikes. Perennial candidate Ned Lamont has stressed that he would make tolls “a priority from day one,” while liberal hedge fund manager Dita Bhargava called tolls “just common sense.” Oz Griebel, another Malloy Enabler running with a radical far-left running mate, has made tolls the centerpiece of his candidacy.

After nearly eight years of stagnant economic growth, fiscal mismanagement, business departures, and lost jobs under Malloy, Connecticut deserves a fresh start.