Connecticut/Rhode Island Feud Escalates As Hartford Courant Slams Dem Gov Gina Raimondo’s Failed Record

A week after she was caught on video publicly trashing Democrat Governor Dan Malloy’s Connecticut, claiming that the state had “blossoming debt as far as you can see,” Rhode Island Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo is receiving harsh criticism for her own failed record. A new Hartford Courant editorial blasts Raimondo and fact-checks her claim that Rhode Island is an “island of rationality” under her leadership.

The Courant noted Rhode Island’s multiple bottom ten business rankings from Forbes, CNBC, and 24/7 Wall Street, all of which put Rhode Island even lower than Connecticut, despite the Nutmeg State’s economic struggles under Malloy. They also wrote that “Rhode Island has the worst infrastructure” despite Raimondo’s claims to have improved the state’s roads and bridges.

As Raimondo appears to be “aching for economic warfare” with Connecticut, she’s only succeeded in putting her abysmal record on business and the economy on display to voters.

The Hartford Courant writes:

“Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo was indeed, just a few weeks ago, when she publicly disparaged Connecticut, saying it had ‘blossoming debt as far as you can see.’

She also referred to her state as ‘an island of rationality,’ eliciting a mild chuckle from those in attendance at an economic summit. Ha, ha.

Is that all you got? You wanna go there? Here’s how the ‘island of rationality’ stacks up:

Forbes recently ranked it the 43rd worst state to do business. Connecticut was ranked No. 42. The states switched places from last year. How about that.

CNBC was harsher on the Ocean State. It ranked Rhode Island the 45th worst state to do business… agreed with the others about how dismal Rhode Island is for businesses, ranking it No. 44. …

Also, Rhode Island has the worst infrastructure…

It sounds like Rhode Island is aching for economic warfare. That would be a mistake. Our states are co-dependent in many ways. By helping each other, we can grow together.

We know we have serious problems here in Connecticut. But we’re trying to solve them, and we don’t make a habit of deflecting attention from our own issues at the expense of our neighbors.”