While Other Connecticut Dems Run From Dan Malloy’s Toxic Agenda, Ned Lamont Embraces It

After Ned Lamont went all-in on Failed Governor Dan Malloy’s latest fee hike on working Connecticut families, even members of the state legislature from his own party are refusing to join their governor’s reckless plans. This week, Connecticut’s Democrat House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz, conceded that he did not have the votes for Malloy’s proposal to impose statewide electronic highway tolling, despite the large Democrat majority in the state’s lower chamber.

While other Democrats have tried to distance themselves from Malloy’s toxic agenda, Lamont has remained fully committed to following the same path, burying his head in the sand on Malloy’s unaffordable policies and even tried to mislead voters about GE’s departure from Connecticut. Lamont has doubled and tripled down on his support for Malloy’s tolling proposal despite the fact that it would cost Connecticut families hundreds of dollars a year if imposed.

Lamont has built his campaign on continuing Malloy’s tax and fee hikes that have led to fiscal crisis, economic decline, and the highest unemployment in the region. While Connecticut voters are eager to turn the page on the Malloy era, Lamont wants to prolong it for another four years.