Malloy Enabler Ned Lamont Struggles To Defend Connecticut’s Job-Killing Tax Hikes

In trying to defend Failed Governor Dan Malloy’s job-killing tax hikes, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont falsely claimed that General Electric did not leave Connecticut last year “because taxes were too high” despite evidence to the contrary. In doing so, Lamont showed that he will happily defend Dan Malloy on the campaign trail.

But If Lamont truly believes that GE didn’t leave because of high taxes, would he say the same about the slew of other business departures that have occurred under Malloy? In 2016, Bristol Myers-Squibb announced it would pull out of Connecticut, taking hundreds of jobs with them, following business tax increases pushed by Malloy. In September, Alexion Pharmaceuticals declared that it would relocate its corporate headquarters out of Connecticut to Boston, following GE’s lead.

Also, just last month, MassMutual announced it would move 1,500 jobs from Connecticut to Massachusetts, which experts attributed to Massachusetts’ “better reputation right now for fiscal responsibility” and its success in closing budget holes without tax increases. Unfortunately for Connecticut, this trend shows no signs of changing anytime soon, with Ansonia construction company closing its offices that employ hundreds of Connecticut workers, attributing the decision to the state’s “difficult” business climate.

Does Ned Lamont really believe that all of these job losses over the last few years had nothing to do with the Malloy’s massive, job-killing tax hikes on Connecticut businesses? In supporting Malloy’s failed agenda, Lamont continues to show that he is either unwilling or unable to lead Connecticut and get the state back on track.