Colorado Dem Gov John Hickenlooper Slams His Party’s Radical Nominee Jared Polis

Colorado Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper continues to make it clear that he’s not pleased with the radical far-left direction that Democrat gubernatorial nominee Jared Polis is taking his party.

While Hickenlooper has spent his career urging for centrism, Polis is an unrepentant extremist who supports far-left policies that would turn Colorado into California.

Not long ago, Hickenlooper railed against the same energy proposals that Polis championed, asserting they were “radical” and “extreme measures that would drive oil and gas out of Colorado.” On top of this scathing criticism, Hickenlooper has rejected Polis’s far-left approach to taxes, arguing that policymakers need to demonstrate increased education spending will get results before increasing taxes.

Now, Hickenlooper is once again going after Polis, arguing his party’s own nominee hasn’t “gotten off on a good foot.”

Colorado Democrats have nominated a candidate so extreme that even their own governor can’t help but attack him. Coloradoans deserve better than a radical who is out-of-touch with their state.