AUDIO: Vermont Dem Gov Candidate Christine Hallquist Promises To Increase Income Taxes

As she tries to mislead voters about her established record of supporting tax hikes on the people of Vermont, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Christine Hallquist continues to stand by the false claim that she “never” stated she would raise taxes if elected. But in July, during a radio interview with WDEV, Hallquist was asked whether income taxes would go up as a part of her proposals and responded “of course,” making it clear that she would increase taxes if elected:

HOST: “Income taxes obviously would have to go up right?”

CHRISTINE HALLQUIST: Of course. You have to find a way to get the revenue so you have got to change things.”

This raises a new question for Hallquist: why is she saying one thing on taxes now after promising firmly to do the opposite just last month? The inescapable facts are that Hallquist has called for tax hikes through income tax increases and a costly Single-Payer healthcare system, while criticizing Governor Phil Scott for vetoing nearly $100 million in tax hikes, mostly on the property tax, that she supports.

Christine Hallquist is trying to mislead Vermont voters about her record on tax hikes. Just days after winning her party’s gubernatorial nomination, she has already demonstrated that she can’t be trusted to tell the truth.