Vermont Dem Gov Candidate Christine Hallquist Asks ‘Who Wants To Raise Taxes?’ – Apparently She Does

Less than 48 hours into the Vermont gubernatorial general election, Democrat candidate Christine Hallquist is already misleading voters on her support for tax increases. In an interview on MSNBC yesterday, Hallquist claimed “I never said I was going to raise anybody’s taxes. Who wants to raise taxes?”

Unfortunately for Hallquist, her statement is incredibly false. For months, she has campaigned on imposing massive tax hikes on working families. Not only has Hallquist advocated for a Single-Payer healthcare system – which multiple studies show would cost $32 trillion and lead to historic tax hikes – but Hallquist also criticized Governor Phil Scott earlier this year for vetoing nearly $100 million in tax increases, mostly in the form of property tax hikes. To make matters worse, Hallquist has stated on the campaign trail that she thinks saying no to new taxes is a “no-brain activity,” making it clear that she would be open to raising taxes more if elected:

CHRISTINE HALLQUIST: “You know just saying no to new taxes is a no-brained activity…”

Hallquist asked “who wants to raise taxes?” Apparently she does, and has made increasing taxes a key part of her campaign platform. No matter how hard she tries to mislead voters, Christine Hallquist can’t hide her record as a tax-hiker from the people of Vermont.