AUDIO: Connecticut Dem Gov Candidate Ned Lamont Runs Away From “Malloy Enabler” Title, Then Commits To Raising Taxes

After spending months on the campaign trail touting Failed Governor Dan Malloy’s tax-hiking, job-killing agenda, Connecticut Democrat gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont is desperately trying to escape the toxic image of America’s most unpopular governor. On Twitter this morning, Lamont tried to push back on being labeled a Malloy Enabler, claiming that he is the opposite of that.

If Lamont doesn’t like being known as a Malloy Enabler, he should’ve thought of that before he committed to raising taxes on Connecticut families in a radio interview this morning:

Lamont also should have thought about his dislike for being called a Malloy Enabler before he endorsed Dan Malloy for the 2010 gubernatorial race and spent the last eight years giving his tacit approval to his job-killing policies. Lamont also should have considered this before he backed Malloy’s proposed toll hikes and used misleading information to defend the failed governor’s business tax hikes.

Ned Lamont has spent his entire campaign touting Dan Malloy’s tax-hiking policies, promising to continue them for a third term. No matter how hard he tries to run away from his party’s toxic governor, Connecticut voters know that he’s just another Malloy Enabler committed to raising their taxes and crushing job growth.