Arizona Dem Gov Candidate David Garcia’s Terrible Week Exposes His Fringe Beliefs

Arizona Democrat gubernatorial candidate David Garcia had the worst week of his campaign, with Garcia’s deeply held fringe beliefs on full display.

Garcia first faced criticism for his socialist leanings, after boasting about how his gubernatorial campaign was “built just like” the socialist campaign of New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Then, Garcia doubled down on his fringe views, joining the “abolish ICE” movement – a movement also embraced by the socialist wing of the Democrat party. Garcia was then criticized in an Arizona Republic op-ed for adopting this “crazy” position that is tantamount to “a political death sentence in Arizona.”

The Phoenix New Times agrees, writing that Garcia “has adopted a menu of liberal policy positions” and “has mounted a full-throated progressive campaign.” George Khalaf, the President of Data Orbital, a local polling firm, concludes that Garcia “is running as if he’s running in a California or a New York.”

All of this comes after Garcia schemed with a California billionaire who wants to double the average Arizona household’s monthly electricity bill.

David Garcia had a bad week on the campaign trail because he simply revealed who he truly is – a far left radical activist who is way out of step with the people of Arizona.