Another Email Blunder: Andrew Gillum’s FL GOV Campaign Caught Using Charlie Crist’s Donor List Without Permission

In Florida, Democrat Andrew Gillum’s mistake-prone gubernatorial campaign keeps committing head-scratching blunders – whether he’s significantly overstating the number of his campaign donors or using taxpayer funded resources for political purposes. And now, a new report shows Gillum’s campaign is taking heat – even from members of his own party – after he was allegedly caught using Rep. Charlie Crist’s donor list without permission, raising questions of how he received it. Gillum continues to demonstrate that he thinks the rules don’t apply to him, but as these numerous mistakes prove, Florida voters can’t trust him to lead.

POLITICO Florida reports:

“Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Andrew Gillum is being accused by some Democrats of using the email fundraising list compiled by Congressman Charlie Crist without permission, a claim that brings more unwanted attention to the rookie statewide candidate’s campaign.

‘My understanding is that that may have occurred,’ Crist told POLITICO Florida Saturday. ‘I’m not sure how, but I’ve heard that.’

He added that people have reached out to him to inform him that Gillum has been using his donor list.

Of the campaign’s roughly 5,300 total contributions, more than 800 are donors who also gave to the Crist campaign, according to a POLITICO Florida analysis. A vast majority of those were very small-dollar donors, a very good indication they gave to the campaign as the result of a fundraising email.

The Gillum campaign’s fundraising practices have gotten an early round of unwanted headlines. Last week, it sent an email touting 7,000 individual contributors, a number that was closer to 5,300.”