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New RGA Wisconsin Ad: Just the Facts

The Republican Governors Association launched its seventh television advertisement in Wisconsin today, comparing Scott Walker’s record as governor with Tom Barrett’s record as mayor of Milwaukee.  The new ad can be viewed at www.HigherTaxesFewerJobs.com.

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“With less than two weeks until Election Day, Wisconsin voters have a clear choice, based on each candidate’s record.” said RGA Executive Director Phil Cox.  “A vote for Scott Walker is a vote to move Wisconsin forward.”

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“A vote for Tom Barrett is a vote to take Wisconsin backwards,” Cox added.  “As mayor of Milwaukee, Tom Barrett increased spending by $300 million, raised taxes nearly every year and unemployment is up 28 percent.”

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“We interrupt this regularly scheduled political commercial to provide something different: facts. No opinions. Just the facts. Since Scott Walker became governor, Wisconsin has gained over 30,000 jobs. Fact. With Tom Barrett as mayor, Milwaukee unemployment has gone up 28 percent. Fact. Scott Walker balanced the budget without raising taxes. Fact. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has raised taxes in 7 of his 8 years in office. Fact. No opinions. Just the facts.”

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