Worcester Telegram Endorses Governor Charlie Baker For Re-Election In Massachusetts

Governor Charlie Baker continues to build momentum for his re-election in Massachusetts, earning the endorsement of The Worcester Telegram.

The Telegram praises Governor Baker for having “gone about addressing the issues in a bipartisan manner” with a “no drama” approach that has delivered results while earning him supporters on both sides of the aisle.

This further shows that Governor Baker deserves to continue leading Massachusetts forward for another four years.

The Worcester Telegram writes:

“While nothing is ever perfect – far from it – what we’ve seen here in Massachusetts these last four years calls out for no other outcome than the re-election of the Baker-Polito team.

Gov. Charlie Baker and Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito have more than earned another four years to improve on what they’ve already accomplished. They have our unreserved endorsement…

Many immediately think of the T, which collapsed during a period of historic snowstorms. Certainly that, including the attention they paid in getting public transportation from there, as in then, to here and now. But as big an undertaking as that was, there was the early and relentless bipartisan focus on the opioid crises and tackling catastrophic failures within the state Department of Children and Families in the midst of that rising drug epidemic, failures that hit Central Massachusetts particularly hard…

On matters both large and small, from getting the Health Connector system up and running to rectifying a leftover mess of a systems changeover that led to something like 90,000 residents – from young families to seniors and the disabled – being incorrectly denied food-stamp benefits and being blocked in their efforts to address it, to the implementation of measures such as ‘queuing theory,’ famously addressed by Mr. Baker in his State of the Commonwealth speech, the governor and lieutenant governor have gone about addressing the issues in a bipartisan manner.

They’ve also made local assistance, whether it be sharing best practices or tangible commitments for improvements. Worcester as well as other Central Massachusetts communities have directly benefited, including in state support that is helping grow biotechnology and biomanufacturing, as well as helping make possible infrastructure makeover in attracting the PawSox to Worcester.

Mr. Baker’s ‘no drama’ administration, focusing on issues and sharing credit with the Democratic majority, has endeared him to a broad swath of not just independent voters – unenrolled voters represent nearly 56 percent of those registered – but also among Democrats…

But as we opened, his approach has succeeded. The Baker-Polito administration has earned a second term and your vote.”