In WMDT Interview, Dem Gov Candidate Ben Jealous Struggles To Answer Basic Questions About Maryland’s Eastern Shore

Maryland Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous has already been called out for his inability to answer basic questions from the press, after he botched his first post-primary interview and was labeled “too extreme for MSNBC.” Now it seems that Jealous has done it again, going speechless during a recent TV interview when asked a basic question about Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Jealous was asked during an interview last Friday with WMDT about his understanding of what’s going on in Maryland’s Eastern Shore. His response? Nearly ten seconds of complete, awkward silence.

Jealous “could only talk in generalities” about the area, WMDT reported.

It’s become clear that while Ben Jealous may excel at coming up with big scheme spending plans, he struggles to answer basic questions about the state he aspires to be governor of.

Watch Jealous struggle through his interview here: