Wisconsin Dem Mahlon Mitchell Puts His Political Ambitions Ahead of Growing Jobs

Wisconsin Democrat gubernatorial candidates have routinely put their political ambitions ahead of growing jobs in the state, and the latest Democrat to enter the governor’s race is no exception. Mahlon Mitchell, who ran a failed campaign for Lieutenant Governor in the 2012 recall election, announced his candidacy yesterday, pledging to undo the policies that have more Wisconsinites working now than ever before.

Not only does Mitchell oppose the state’s deal with Foxconn Technology Group, which will deliver 13,000 new jobs to Wisconsin, but he also opposes Act 10, a law championed by Governor Walker that has saved billions in taxpayer dollars for Wisconsin families. Instead of fighting for more good-paying jobs and lower taxes for Wisconsin, Mitchell is fighting to take the state backwards.

Wisconsin Democrats remain committed to undoing the progress made under Governor Walker in hopes of furthering their own political agenda. Instead of offering real solutions and substantive proposals to help move Wisconsin forward, Democrats are trying to take the state back to the failures of the past.