Wisconsin Dem Gov Candidates Refuse To Admit If They Back Plan To Reverse Pay Raises, Bonuses

With Democrats making it clear that they plan on imposing new tax hikes on the American people and roll back pay raises if they secure majorities in Congress this November, their party’s candidates for governor in Wisconsin have continued to remain silent on whether they support their proposals. But with new GOP tax cuts having a measurably positive impact on Wisconsin, voters deserve to know if Democrat gubernatorial candidates will support attempts to end or reverse these pay raises and bonuses.

Workers and businesses across Wisconsin have seen real results from GOP tax cuts. Associated Bank announced in December that the company would pay their 3,400  employees in the state $500 bonuses and raise their minimum wage to $15. Copperleaf Assisted Living, which employs 175 people, has also been able to give $600 bonuses to its workers as a direct result of GOP tax reform.

As working Wisconsin families experience the positive impact of the GOP tax cuts, Democrat gubernatorial candidates like Tony Evers, Dana Wachs, Mahlon Mitchell, Kathleen Vinehout, and Andy Gronik have refused to assure taxpayers that they would protect them from reckless tax hike proposals put forward by Congressional Democrats. Wisconsin voters deserve to know if Democrat candidates will fight for them or align themselves with Washington DC Democrats determined to make them pay more.