Wisconsin Dem Gov Candidate Andy Gronik Gets Caught In Self-Funding Flip-Flop

Earlier this week, Democrat Andy Gronik’s announced his campaign for Wisconsin governor, and took a hard stance on the issue of self-funding. When asked by the Associated Press about his objection, Gronik replied that he believes that “self-funding political campaigns is wrong.”

“Gronik said he won’t rely on his wealth to pay for his campaign. ‘I think that self-funding political campaigns is wrong,’ Gronik said. ‘I think it makes you your own special interest and that’s not where I’m coming from.'” (Scott Bauer, “Democratic Businessman Andy Gronik Enters Governor’s Race,” Associated Press, 7/11/2017)

But shortly after giving that statement to the Associated Press, Gronik was quoted by local CBS reporter David Alde contradicting himself and indicating that he will in fact use some of his personal wealth to self-fund his gubernatorial bid:

@DavidAdeCBS58: .@andygronik on self-funding his campaign, “I would never ask you.. to invest in my campaign unless I was willing to invest in it myself.”

Right out of the gate, Andy Gronik can’t keep his stories straight. Will he stand by his original pledge to not use any of his personal wealth to self-fund? Or was that just lip service? Wisconsin voters deserve honesty from their candidates, but less than 24 hours after he announced he was running, Gronik has already misled voters and committed a large flip-flop.