Will Florida Dem Gov Candidate Gwen Graham Commit To Democrat “Litmus Test” of Rejecting Corporate Contributions?

According to a new report in the Associated Press, swearing off corporate donations has quickly become the new “litmus test” for Democrats. So far, more than 170 Democrat candidates around the country have committed to rejecting corporate money for their campaigns.

In the Florida governor’s race, Democrat Gwen Graham has attacked her rivals for benefiting from “dark money,” while claiming that she hasn’t “taken any corporate money.” But, Graham has yet to comment on whether she would turn down any assistance from the Democrat Governors Association (DGA), which accepts millions in corporate contributions, if she is the Democrat nominee for governor.

With Democrat voters demanding that their politicians finally practice what they preach on campaign finance and reject corporate contributions, Graham owes them answers about whether she will as well. Will Gwen Graham reject corporate donations through the DGA?