WI small businesses still left in limbo

Photo credit: State Journal

It’s been a full week since President Biden announced his vaccine mandate for small businesses. Republican governors across the country have made their positions crystal clear. The Governor of Wisconsin? Not so much.

The only thing Tony Evers has said in the last week is that state workers are required to be vaccinated or tested weekly. The Governor has issued zero guidance for business owners and employees across the state of Wisconsin.

May I remind you…

  • The Governor of neighboring Illinois said “At the moment I don’t have a plan for us to do that…”
  • The Governor of neighboring Minnesota said “This is the right move.”

“It is grossly irresponsible for Governor Tony Evers to leave Wisconsin small business owners and workers in limbo for a full week now,” said RGA Spokesperson Maddie Anderson. “In times of economic uncertainty, people look to the leader of their state for guidance. Tony Evers simply can’t be bothered to do his job, and Wisconsin small businesses won’t forget that he left them in the lurch yet again.”