WI small businesses can be fined over $100k

Photo credit: State Journal

The Biden Administration has finally released their long-awaited rules for the federal vaccine mandate, and boy is it something. Businesses must comply by January 4, 2022 — and if they don’t? Small businesses are at serious risk of having to shut down once again.

Wisconsin small businesses can be fined up to $136,532 for not complying with the vaccine mandate. Since the mandate was initially released two months ago, Governor Tony Evers has not said a word.

“Now that the Biden Administration’s rules have been released, Governor Evers has no excuse to stay silent on the federal vaccine mandate,” said RGA Spokeswoman Maddie Anderson. “The new mandate will put small business owners in an impossible situation just as they are beginning to rebuild after Governor Evers’ harmful COVID restrictions shut them down last year. Small business owners and workers across the state await guidance from their governor: does he support this federal government mandate that will spurn job loss and once again devastate the economy? Or will Evers finally find the political courage to do what’s best for Wisconsin and stand up to President Biden?”