Who Are Jay Inslee’s Largest Campaign Contributors? Washington State Taxpayers.

Delusional Democratic presidential candidate, and part-time Governor Jay Inslee is at it again, taking money out of the pockets of Washington State taxpayers. 

Fresh off of an uneventful debate performance and polling at a strong “ * ” in a recent CNN poll, fundraising data released this week shows that Washington State taxpayers have unwillingly become the largest contributors to Inslee’s failing campaign.  

After spending $3.3 million in the second quarter to no effect, the Inslee campaign only has a paltry $1.2 million cash on hand. Since becoming a presidential candidate, his traveling security detail has doubled in size, costing taxpayers an additional $4 million. Despite repeated calls to quit billing his constituents for his vanity campaign, Inslee has refused to reimburse the state for any of these costs, leaving taxpayers on the hook.   

To add insult to injury for Washington taxpayers, fellow governor and doomed Democratic presidential candidate Steve Bullock (who is polling at a whopping 0%) is reimbursing Montana for out-of-state travel costs associated with his security detail.

Throwing fiscal responsibility to the wind is hardly new to Inslee – his preferred policy solution is raising taxes, as he’s proven time and time again – but continuing to blow millions on a quixotic adventure while Washington State schools deal with budget deficits is a new low. 

“Jay Inslee’s taxpayer-funded vanity campaign is just as embarrassing as his record of tax hikes and out of control spending as governor,” RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “By forcing his constituents to foot the bill while he flies around the country speaking to empty rooms, Governor Inslee is proving on a daily basis that it’s time for a leadership change in Washington State.”