Whitmer’s Admin To Charge Interest on Administrative Mistake

Photo credit: Dale Young

Gretchen Whitmer’s incompetent administration is at it again.

The Michigan Unemployment Agency (UIA) mistakenly sent out benefits to thousands of ineligible Michigan residents, and now plans to charge interest on those payments, despite being the result of administrative errors and of no fault to the residents.

This is just the latest blunder from the agency that created a massive backlog of benefits for unemployed Michiganders, forcing the former director to resign and receive $86,000 in hush money from Whitmer. What was Whitmer doing to fix the issues at the UIA? Nothing it appears as according to the acting director, Whitmer hadn’t talked to the agency in months.

In case you missed it…

Michigan will make jobless claimants pay interest on aid repayments
The Detroit News
Beth LeBlanc

Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency is planning to charge residents interest on the repayment of some benefits mistakenly paid to them during the coronavirus pandemic.

The state agency said Michigan law allows it to charge 1% interest a month on an overpayment. The circumstances of each case determine when the state can begin charging interest.

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