What They’re Saying: Tom Perriello’s Big Money Hypocrisy Earns Him A Rough Day Of Headlines

It’s been a rough day for Tom Perriello. After spending months railing against the influence of big money in politics, it was discovered this morning that the failed former Congressman’s Virginia gubernatorial campaign has been bankrolled by a handful of wealthy far-left donors, with almost half of his money coming from only four contributors, including infamous liberal billionaire George Soros. Perriello’s fundraising hypocrisy quickly caught the attention of Virginia political reporters:

Richmond Times-Dispatch columnist Jeff Schapiro summed up Perriello’s contradictory message:

The Washington Post’s headline could not have been any worse for Perriello’s phony populist narrative:

Graham Moomaw of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, referring to the $500,000 startup donation Perriello received from a single donor and George Soros’ support, also noted Perriello’s big money backing:

Geoffrey Skelley from the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics noted that almost two thirds of Perriello’s donation came from large donations of $10,000 or more, showing his campaign has been kept running mostly by deep-pocketed support.

Further dissection of Perriello’s numbers by the Times-Dispatch showed that less than half of Perriello’s contributions came from inside the state, proving that non-Virginians were the primary source of support for the failed former congressman:

Despite running as a “populist” who spends significant time on the stump railing against big money influence in politics, Tom Perriello’s campaign is being propped up by a small group of very wealthy individuals who want to see his radical, far-left policies enacted in Virginia.