What They Are Saying: Roy Cooper Has “Wandered Leftward,” Embraces “Extreme Positions” As He Holds State Budget “Hostage”

As Governor, Cooper “Hasn’t Come Close To Fulfilling” Promise To Be A “Consensus-Building Leader”

Carolina Journal Headline: “Cooper Has Taken Extreme Positions.“Roy Cooper didn’t run for governor in 2016 as a hard-left progressive. He won the election — one of the narrowest gubernatorial contests in American history — by convincing ticket-splitters who voted for Donald Trump and Richard Burr that Cooper would be a reasonable, consensus-building leader in Raleigh… As governor, however, Cooper hasn’t come close to fulfilling that promise. He’s wandered leftward.” (John Hood, “Cooper Has Taken Extreme Positions,” Carolina Journal, 8/31/19)
News & Record Headline: “Gov. Cooper Is Not The Fella You Thought You Elected” (John Hood, “Gov. Cooper Is Not The Fella You Thought You Elected,” News & Record, 7/31/19)

Cooper’s Obstructionist Approach To The Budget Impasse: Hold Teacher And State Employee Raises “Hostage” Over His “Ultimatum”

The Robesonian Editorial Board: “Cooper Holding Millions Hostage On Budget Deadlock.” “So far, Cooper hasn’t budged and appears willing to die on this hill. Fair enough, we suppose, but he won’t be dying on it alone. There are millions of North Carolinians who would benefit from the Republican budget, but can’t until it takes effect.” (Editorial, “Cooper Holding Millions Hostage On Budget Deadlock,” The Robesonian, 7/31/19)  
The Charlotte Observer Editorial Board: Governor Cooper Refuses To Participate In A Debate With Republican Colleagues, Hosted By Newspaper, To Talk, Attempt To Reach Compromise. “But there’s also the possibility that the debate could reveal to each side — and North Carolinians — at least a little common ground that could provide a foundation for compromise. We’ve given the governor’s and Senate leader’s offices a heads up on our debate invitation. Berger spokesman Pat Ryan told the editorial board Monday that the senator is agreeable to debating the governor. Cooper spokeswoman Sadie Weiner told us the governor is not going to debate…” (Editorial, “We Invited The NC Governor And Senate Leader To Debate Medicaid Expansion. One Side Said No.,” The Charlotte Observer, 7/30/19)
John Hood, Chairman, John Locke Foundation: “Although Cooper’s defenders have tried to suggest otherwise, the governor has essentially issued an ultimatum… So, the most significant effect of the budget impasse is that teachers and state employees aren’t getting raises. The ultimatum, then, is really no pay raises without Medicaid expansion. That’s an extreme position.” (John Hood, “Cooper Has Taken Extreme Positions,” Carolina Journal, 8/31/19)
Senate Majority Leader Harry Brown: “A $24 billion budget shouldn’t be held hostage over a single policy disagreement.” (Dawn Bumgartner Vaughan, “Standoff Over Medicaid And Budget Drags On. For The Uninsured, There’s A Lot At Stake.,” The Charlotte Observer, 7/17/19)