What They Are Saying: Bipartisan Praise For Governor Matt Bevin vs. More Friendly Fire For Democrat Andy Beshear

“[Andy Beshear] is like eating vanilla ice cream with no topping…” (Radio Host Matt Jones)

This week, GOP Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky has received bipartisan praise for his deft management of Kentucky’s finances and plan to use surplus funds to help provide healthcare for retired teachers. Even former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Rocky Adkins praised the state’s strong economic growth under Governor Bevin. Here’s what they’re saying about the Bevin boom in the Bluegrass state:

Lexington Herald-Leader Headline: “Retired teachers and pension system will benefit from state budget surplus”

House Minority Floor Leader Rocky Adkins: “’Everybody ought to be happy’ about the revenue growth.” (Lexington Herald-Leader)

“Gov. Matt Bevin, House Speaker David Osborne and Senate President Robert Stivers largely attributed the strong economy to tax and economic development policies adopted in the last two and a half years while Republicans have controlled the executive and legislative branches of state government.” (Louisville Courier Journal)

Meanwhile, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andy Beshear’s lackluster campaign trail performance continued to be the subject of handwringing and criticism from his own party at events sponsored by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce – which Beshear didn’t bother showing up for. Here’s the highlights:

Radio Host Matt Jones: “Jones said he supported Beshear, but it was a mistake for not appearing before people who may disagree with him. He said not coming to groups like the Chamber, is a ‘massive’ mistake and questioned who advised him. He said this could be the beginning of a losing path for him.” (KY Chamber Bottom Line)

University of Kentucky Journalism Professor Al Cross: “Best line from @KySportsRadio at #kybiz ‘@AndyBeshearKY is like eating vanilla ice cream with no topping.’” (Twitter, 7/11)

Phillip Bailey, Louisville Courier Journal: “Of note, Republicans and Democrats at the @KyChamber summit expressed to me their disappointment that @AndyBeshearKY didn’t show up today.” (Twitter, 7/12)

Louisville Courier Journal Headline: “Bevin says ‘vote your values, not your party’ at business summit that Beshear skips”

With Beshear clearly disappointing voters on both sides of the aisle, the Kentucky electorate may be inclined to take Governor Bevin’s advice.