Welcome back to statewides, Charlie

Photo by: Gary Rothstein/EPA

It seems Charlie Crist’s wine nights at DC steakhouses and screwdrivers on the commute to his day job have lost their luster, and Crist has announced that he wants to attempt another round at a statewide campaign.

But if you thought it was pathetic how Floridians rejected Charlie Crist the last two times he ran statewide, just wait until you see how they react to the latest version of Charlie – the one that wants to abolish the electoral college, thanks God for Biden, Pelosi and Schumer, and spent his time as a Democratic fundraiser trying to give socialists like AOC more power.

“The only thing about Charlie Crist that hasn’t changed since his last two runs for statewide office is that Florida still can’t trust Charlie,” said RGA spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “Floridians have rejected Crist as a statewide candidate twice already, and whether it’s in the Democratic primary or the general they’ll do the same again this time.”