Washington Times: New England’s Popular GOP Governors Are In Strong Position For Reelection

As New England’s GOP governors continue to get real results for the people of their states, their sky-high approval ratings and records of accomplishment have them in strong position for reelection. The Washington Times writes that GOP Governors like Charlie Baker in Massachusetts, Chris Sununu in New Hampshire, and Phil Scott in Vermont have set themselves apart with their bipartisan, results-oriented leadership, becoming some of America’s most popular leaders, especially among “independents,” “women,” and “younger voters.” As GOP chief executives in New England continue to raise the bar for effective bipartisan governing, their growing popularity among voters has them headed toward the November elections with clear momentum.

The Washington Times writes:

“New England will be critical if Republicans hope to maintain their lead in governorships, where they control 33 of the 50. Democrats hold 16, and an independent runs the show in Alaska.

Thirty-six of those offices, including all six New England states, are up for grabs in November. Four of those are held by Republicans: Maine, where Gov. Paul LePage is term-limited; Massachusetts, where Gov. Charlie Baker is running for re-election; New Hampshire, with Gov. Chris Sununu; and Vermont, with Mr. Scott.

Mr. Baker was named the nation’s most popular governor in an October survey from the Morning Consult, which ranked Mr. Scott and Mr. Sununu as the seventh and eighth most popular governors, respectively…

“What you have with Sununu and Baker and Scott in Vermont is they have this sort of flinty conservatism on the fiscal side and more or less there is far more moderation on the social side,” [Republican Party strategist Patrick] Griffin said. “So they tend to do well with independents, with women, with younger voters…

A WMUR poll this month showed that 74 percent of registered Bay State voters approve of the job Mr. Baker is doing…”