Washington Post: Knute Buehler’s Surging Campaign “Is Giving Democrats Fits”

Knute Buehler’s campaign to oust Democrat Governor Kate Brown and become the first Republican to be elected Oregon governor in over three decades is continuing to gain national attention. Now, the Washington Post is highlighting the Oregon governor’s race as a top pick up opportunity for Republicans.

The Washington Post writes that Knute Buehler’s surging campaign “is giving Democrats fits” and is “shaping up as a referendum on incumbent Kate Brown’s low-profile leadership style.”

Kate Brown’s time in office has been such a failure that even national press is taking note. The Washington Post writes that Kate Brown’s campaign has “been hobbled by a series of management crises, including an overwhelmed and underfunded foster care system and a state pension program saddled with $22 billion in debt. Brown has also struggled to address the state’s homeless population, especially in Portland, where people camp on sidewalks and in parks.”

In contrast, Knute Buehler is running as problem solver who will lead where Kate Brown has failed.

“‘When you come to me as a physician, I don’t ask if you are Republican, Democrat or independent,’ said Buehler, who defeated nine other candidates in the GOP primary in May. ‘I ask you what your problem is . . . then I roll up my sleeves to solve the problem.’”